Dr. Scott Fahrner works with former professional cyclist, Mel Beale ,in the Human Performance Clinical Research Lab at CSU.

CSU’s Human Performance Clinical Research Lab has begun to offer state of the art testing for cyclists via its Performance Analysis Program. Source Endurance coach Zack Allison has been using the program to gather data on his athletes and had this to say “In a time when cycling computers and power meters collect a ton of real-time data, a traditional VO2 test may not be what that athlete needs to have actionable data. Integrating bike fits, sub max and threshold testing, CSU is keeping up with the latest ways of collecting actionable data for the best athlete and coach relationship”. Dr Scott Fahrner, the HPCRL medical director who is also an avid cyclist,  hopes the program helps athletes who view healthy aging as not just being free from disease, but also being able to perform physically at a high level for as many years as possible. The program’s recent expansion and public offerings come in part due to the Health and Exercise Science Department’s desire to continually expand their community outreach endeavors.

Read on to see what tests are available, prices and how to schedule your session. 

Human Performance Clinical Research Lab
Department of Health & Exercise Science
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado

The concept of the program is to provide advanced, research-based testing to help athletes, young and old, achieve short-term performance goals and maintain long- term wellness. This is part of an overall goal of promoting Performance Health: to be in an optimal health state that allows an athlete to be full of energy, injury-free, and performing well for as long as possible.
Our hope is to integrate with the community and create a win-win scenario: helping athletes, coaches, and sports medicine providers connect and do what they do best while giving our students an excellent learning experience to develop expertise and creating a data repository for future research. 

Our Performance Analysis is organized into two areas:

Training Status & Endurance Potential:
Where am I with my training? Is my training working? What is my “functional threshold” power? How many calories do I burn running a 6:00 mile? How much fat versus carbohydrate do I burn? Do I have potential?

Testing includes but is not limited to:

VO2max testing
Submax VO2 testing: (Endurance Efficiency Analysis) = can determine cost of cycling at submaximal efforts or FTP (oxygen cost, calorie burn rate, carbohydrate/fat utilization)
Lactate threshold or lactate profile testing
Resting Metabolic Rate testing
Hemoglobin/Hematocrit testing
We can also discuss other customized testing according to an athlete’s and/or coach’s desire: most efficient pedaling cadence, different lactate tests, etc.
We use a KICKR interfaced with Zwift and a state-of-the-art metabolic machine for our cycling testing, although we have a separate exercise bike as well.

Recovery, Nutrition, & Well-being Status:
On the outside looking in: this group of testing includes the ability to measure body composition, bone mineral density, resting calorie expenditure, and screen for nutrient deficiencies.

Testing capability includes: Resting metabolic rate/caloric expenditure, DEXA scan,  blood screening for anemia, iron deficiency, or various vitamin deficiencies related to endurance performance.

Our Performance Analysis program operates out of the Human Performance Clinical Research Lab (HPCRL) at Colorado State University. The HPCRL is a biomedical and behavioral research center housed in the Department of Health and Exercise Science-a department lead by Dr. Barry Braun. The mission of the HPCRL is to provide a home for interdisciplinary research, training, and outreach efforts that address the etiology, prevention, intervention, and treatment of major aging-related diseases. It has been designated as a CSU Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence since 2008.

Our staff includes: 

Scott Fahrner, M.D., M.S.: an anesthesiologist who practiced in Steamboat for 10 years before joining the faculty ~1.5 years ago. Did master’s degree at CSU in this dept. (Health & Exercise Science) prior to medical school. Associate professor and Medical Director for the HPCRL. Avid cyclist, Nordic skier and endurance athlete.

Laurie Biela: (Manager of Research Operations for the HPCRL). Completed undergraduate degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and Biochemistry from CU Boulder in 2002. Started in the Dept. Of Health and Exercise in 2010 as Professional Research Associate and now serves as Manager of Research Operations for the HPCRL. Also oversees ongoing construction of the facility with a mission to optimize the atmosphere for research, athletic development, and student learning. Enjoys practicing yoga, cooking, gardening and camping. 

Hayden Schoenberg B.S.: A Fort Collins local and CSU graduate within the Health and Exercise Science Department who has been working on different research projects around the facility for over two years. Assistant Manager of Research Operations. Passionate climber, snowboarder and overall outdoorsman.Sarah Mast, B.S.: A Colorado native and Health and Exercise Science graduate from CSU with a large interest in exercise physiology. Has been working with the Research Operations Team for over a year after doing an internship with the Integrative Physiology Lab. Enjoys climbing, camping, playing pickup games of any sport, and playing board games.

Testing prices: 
VO2max: $160
Submax VO2: $160
Lactate Profile: $150
Resting Metabolic Rate: $120
Hemoglobin/hematocrit: call/email.Contact information.:
Website: search “Performance Analysis at CSU” Or go to: https://www.chhs.colostate.edu/hes-hpcrl/performance-analysis/
For questions, more information, or to make an appointment: 970-491-6120 or email: hpcrl_research_operations@colostate.edu