Jeff stretcherOver the coming weeks and months, Kerry Wicks will be documenting the legal process when it comes to the hit and run of a cyclist in Larimer County. On June 14th her husband, Jeff Wicks was hit and left unconscious and bleeding on the side of the road.  

Here is her first post. 

June 14th began like any other Saturday.  Lazy breakfast, pj’s past 9am, and the scent of coffee lingering in the house.  Our resident triathlete, and prospective Ironman prepped for a 4 hour ride, with an hour run to follow.  Spandex-ed, power-bar’d, and water bottled, he left our home just before 9:30am.  The front door shut on our ‘normal’ that day.

Yes, June 14th began like any other Saturday, yet progressed with life-changing happenings.  It is the day Jeff Wicks, my husband, and dad to Bryce (9) and Charlotte (7), was hit by a car on his tri bike.  Peggy Brown, 72, of Des Moines, Iowa, turned left.  She didn’t notice Jeff crossing the intersection at 29th in Loveland.  She took about 15 seconds to assess the situation, and then fled the scene.  A witness followed her and called the police.

Jeff was unconscious and bleeding on the road.  He was initially transported to McKee, and later to MCR since they offer neuro treatment.

Peggy was taken into custody a mile or so away in a parking lot—where she had stopped to inspect the damage to her car.  Her rear passenger side was bashed and blood-stained.  The window was shattered, and pieces of Jeff were inside her car.  

Still enjoying a relaxed Saturday, I received the call from McKee.  I was told Jeff had been in an accident….and “it would be best if you did NOT bring your children.”  While I don’t really recall the drive to the hospital, I vividly remember my arrival at the ER.  I was quickly, yet silently ushered back to Jeff.  Outside his door, an officer stood.  Jeff lay on a gurney just beyond the officer, mangled face and blood-soaked white sheets.  

In that moment I truly feared the worst.  I simply didn’t know if he was still with us.

He was.  Yet, his list of injuries still grows to this day:

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Broken nose

  • Fractured tooth, loss of tooth

  • Severe lacerations on chin, shoulder, thigh, and forearm requiring sutures and staples

  • Severe facial trauma requiring hundreds of stitches

  • Blood bleed on brain

  • Occult fracture in right shoulder

  • Massive tendon damage in right shoulder

  • Massive tendon damage on right forearm

  • Glass shards encased in body

  • Fractured wrist—shattered bone structure

  • Ankle and knee trauma

Given this list, I’d say the white Mazda protégé made out pretty well.

Today, Jeff is doing quite well.  Doctors are marveling at how well he is benchmarking and healing himself.  Our calendar is still filled with appointments and follow-ups, yet he is back to work at Otterbox, and has even carefully ridden my cruiser bike (it has pedal brakes).  We are enjoying being a family again.  Though Jeff can’t really throw a ball (well) with the kids, or have a regimen of running/biking/swimming just yet, we are focused on the here and now.  And the future looks great too☺.

Our hearts go out to the Colorado cycling community’s most recent victim: Adelaide Perr.   

The support of the Fort Collins and NOCO cycling community is so appreciated.  Much can be done to improve our great town and roadshare respect.  

Peggy Brown will be in court again November 12th, though sentencing isn’t scheduled as of yet.  I will keep the community posted, and we would welcome a packed courtroom of cyclists.  


Please feel free to find me on Facebook: Kerry Dawn Wicks.  

The following are my facebook posts regarding the incident and aftermath:

June 15th, 2014:

After being hit by a car on his beloved bike (which is sitting in ‘evidence’ at LPD–in two pieces), Jeff is in one piece and really on a miraculous road to recovery. His mouth/nose were reconstructed after removing fractured teeth and car paint. His right shoulder has a massive laceration which has been sutured and stapled for now. His right hand likely has tendon damage and is swollen and tough to move. His right wrist is fractured and is temp set.  He has very deep lacerations on his right lower arm.  He has two black eyes, but can see.  Abrasian, oftentimes severe roadrash speckles his body.  The small bloodpatch on his brain is being monitored and is expected to be reabsorbed.  

He has a moderate Traumatic Brain Injury.

While he won’t be competing in the August 3rd, Ironman, for which he has been steadily training, he is tougher than iron right now to me.

I will post another update tomorrow.  Feel free to share this with interested parties, particularly the cycling community who has been quick to rally.

June 16th, 2014:

Jeff got to spend time with Charlotte and Bryce today. They were concerned and curious. Bryce’s big beautiful eyes teared up and said he was glad he (dad) wasn’t dead, because “usually roadkill is.” Oh dear.

Jeff is now eating mushy food (ice cream is a fave…some things never change), wiggling most fingers on his right hand, taking some supported steps, and he usually knows what month we’re in;). His pain and exhaustion are great, but his determination is greater. While short term memory is a challenge, and he doesn’t remember a single detail of the accident, he remembers that August 3rd draws near.

Sigh. I pulled a white paint chip off his neck today.


June 22, 2014 (can’t retrieve from FB)

July 15th, 2014:

One month ago, our world capsized. We’ve been–successfully– treading water ever since. Jeff is recovering well, yet we know there is still much healing to do.

The update: occult fracture in shoulder, wrist fractures requiring surgery (massively so), tendons in need of surgical repair as well, oral surgery upcoming, dental work ongoing, and PT, OT, speech therapy, neuropsych, and TBI counseling are regular additions to our days. Sigh.

Thanks to all for being so present during this rough time. We’re looking forward to smooth sailing in the future.

August 3rd, 2014:

My husband planned, trained, ached, and pined for this day. Today is the Boulder Ironman. Run. Bike. Swim.

3000 of the world’s triathletes suited up for the 2.4 mile swim. I’m sure the reservoir was the choppiest anyone has ever seen with the swarm of exuberant arms and kicky legs of such an elite group of competitors. Some of the most beautiful two wheels created were lined up in transition, awaiting a wet eager body for a 112 mile ride. Perhaps exhausted, but driven, superlegs pulled out of clicky shoes, and swiftly shoved feet into cushioned soles…for a blistering 26.2 jaunt to the FINISH.

Iron indeed.

I applaud the incredible effort each of these ridiculously focused people put in to reach this end. May you have all you need, use all you have, and recognize how awesomesauce you are for having initiated the process.

AND, I give a hearty shout-out to the families who supported you in these dreams. Because…they know the toll and greatness of big dreams.

Today, Jeff Wicks is attending the Ironman event. As a spectator. Though, if you ask him, I believe he’d say he simply feels blessed to still feel ground under his feet, even if he can’t compete. He enjoys the snuggles and sassiness of his now 7 year old daughter, and the constant inquisitiveness of our 9 year old son. He. Is. Looking. Forward.

So maybe he won’t get the mDOT tattoo, or get to cross the finish line today. But, a whole new chapter has just begin, and I’d say he already has a medal.

September 30th, 2014:Jeff Family

The high road…can be a challenge.  My most inward being implores me to ‘let it go’, to forgive one Miss Peggy Brown.  Reigning from Iowa, she came to Colorado to enjoy RMNP and, I’m told, view the Loveland Sculpture garden.  And she got turned around.  

She turned around… INTO my husband.  With. Her. Car.  

I forgive this.  After all, we all make mistakes.  Perfection is non existent.  Right?

The car that pummeled Jeff Wicks, Charlotte and Bryce’s DAD, is still in evidence at Loveland PD.  Its rear passenger window is shattered; blood, glass, and (indeed) fleshy pieces speckle the seats and interior.  

Jeff and I have now viewed the montage of photos taken from the scene.  


Blood soaked asphalt. A ‘dream bike’ in 3 pieces. A shoe, a phone … water bottles strewn from impact.  Witnesses to the scene deemed it fatal.  He was unconscious and bleeding.  

When I saw Jeff at the McKee ER, I did not know if he was alive.  He was on a stretcher and his face was manwiched. The staff (who were wonderful) were silent as I walked toward him.  No one deserves that fear.

TOMORROW at 9am, at the Larimer County Justice Center, Jeff and I will come face to face with Peggy.  Frankly, I have no idea what to expect.  Wish us well, and if you would like to be present, please do.  Message me, and I can give you my cell number.

Tonight SHE is on the same roads YOU may be on.  Peggy Brown is in town for her court hearing:  comfortably riding in her newly purchased car.  

Cyclists, be alert.