YGRStampLogo Black 1000By Alan Schenkel

Bee Farm Circuit Race was cancelled due to a single citizen complaint to the sheriff.

It sucks.

For Bee Farm, it was inevitable. I am glad we did it for 3 years!


Tom Quixote errr, Carter was indeed jousting at windmills against the fees and rules for events (this means I am Sancho Panza?). Some folks on the Book of Faces mistakenly got mad at Chris Johnson and the Larimer County sheriffs. They are not to blame. Many Larimer County sheriffs are excellent folks who don’t hold a grudge against us but actively protect us against some serious nutters out there. On the legislative side, Chris Johnson is one of our strongest supporters and in an excellent place to represent us. So please don’t be annoyed when Chris correctly reminds us that these rules exist.

In Larimer County, all events are tightly regulated. I don’t have an answer for the limit on events on the same road in 30 days. And $250 is a prohibitive cost for a permit, not including insurance + professional flaggers + sheriff escorts + lawyers.




That really inhibits very small grassroots events. We need to figure out how to change or work with that.

We are lucky here. We have many devoted race volunteers and promoters. We get to race bikes in Colorado. Even if things aren’t perfect, this is still as close to heaven as possible. Let’s do something constructive and figure out how to run races and minimize how much we annoy the folks in rural Larimer County.