Lory and Horsetooth

  • Location: 12 miles West of the Fort Collins Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant.
  • Playground? No but there is a pump track in Lory.
  • Bathroom? Yes.- Several locations along the trails.
  • Shade? Some but not a ton.
  • Fees? Yes- Lory State Park and/or Larimer County. They have reciprocity so if you have a pass for one and ride into the other, you're covered.
  • Description:
    The kid's riding at Lory/Horsetooth is arguably the best in the area. The trails are generally not too hilly and not too technical although you can easily add more of each if you'd like. Depending on ability there are probably few hills/tech spots that make cause some hoofing.
    From the North- If you ride from the Timber Parking lot in Lory the West and East Valley trails make a great Loop in either direction.  For more miles, you can the South Valley Loop which also gives you access to Horsetooth Mountain Park. More advanced riders can tackle Timber/Kimmons and North and South Quarry Ridge trails. Parking at Arthor's Rock puts you right in the middle of these trails.
    From the South-  You can park at Blue Sky or Soderberg Trail Heads. These trails start off pretty mellow as you ride Inlet Bay and Swan Johnson trails which are wide gravel paths that change to singletrack once you cross Towers.  Once on Shoreline and Nomad, you'll be riding on undulating singletrack with a few techy spots.

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