Skyline Natural Areas

These comments were left on the maps during the May 6th open house and illustrate why we must be active in the creation of natural areas master plans. “Wildlife corridor here- bikes will destroy” and “Opt 4 No bikes”.  Photo by Marie Walsh. 


Loveland’s Natural Areas and Open Lands is currently accepting comments for the Skyline Natural Area master plan.

As illustrated by the comments above, it is imperative that we cyclists voice our opinions about the proposed usage. One of the question’s reads, “Should trails be restricted to certain uses? Which trails should be only for pedestrians, only for bikes, or multi-use?”  

Comments will be accepted until May 31, 2019 via email to:

More information here:


Area details:

The three parcels that make up this 166-acre property on the west side of Loveland were acquired in 2015 and 2016. The site is located north of Hwy 34 and west of Morning Drive and includes the ridge where the Winter Holiday Council’s Namaqua Star is located (see MAP). 

The public was invited to help name the site, resulting in more than 120 unique name suggestions. The name Skyline Natural Area was selected by the Open Lands Advisory Commission and staff based on the 360-degree skyline views from the top of the ridge. 

The natural area provides potential habitat for mule deer, bobcat, coyote, red and gray fox, elk, mountain lion, and black bear. The property also provides habitat for many species of small mammals, birds of prey such as prairie falcons and golden eagles, and numerous species of songbirds. A resource management plan is underway to evaluate current conditions and determine appropriate management and public-access goals. Future uses may include soft-surface trails, potentially connecting to Meadowbrook Natural Area in the future. 

Full-size PDF map.   


Questions posed by Loveland Open Lands & Natural Area Sites:

Remember to email your answers and additional comments to by May 31st, 2019. 

Trail Uses
Should trails be restricted to certain uses? Which trails should be only for pedestrians, only for bikes, or multi-use?

Trail Connections
Should the trail network be connected to surrounding subdivisions or regional trails? Are any access points or connections missing?

Should dogs be allowed at Skyline Natural Area? If so, should additional restrictions be implemented?

Hours of Operation
Should Skyline Natural Area follow typical City open land hours of 6:00 am-10:30 pm or be limited to dawn to dusk hours?

Did We Miss Anything?
Please add additional comments, thoughts and ideas here or provide your ideas to one of our city staff members.