Loveland Parks and Recreation Department announced today that they will begin construction on the final missing piece of the 21-mile Recreation Trail loop around Loveland in early 2021. The Copper Ridge Connector Trail will connect the Longview Trail to the subdivision to the east, avoiding the sketchy section of 57th with an at grade railroad crossing of the BNSF railroad tracks. The project also includes a one-mile soft surface trail but it is not open to bikes. 

Read the full announcement below 

“The City of Loveland P&R Department is thrilled to announce that we are beginning construction on the Copper Ridge Connector Trail, the final missing piece in the 21-mile Recreation Trail circuit around the city. This 0.27-mile long, 10-foot wide concrete trail will connect from the city’s existing Sunset Vista Natural Area east to the new Copper Ridge subdivision, along the north side of 57th Street. The project will also include the addition of a pedestrian bridge across a wetland area to access a new one-mile soft-surface trail within the surrounding 87-acre natural area. In addition, the City has been negotiating with BNSF Railway to complete a new trail crossing over the BNSF rail line on the north side of 57th Street. Construction of the rail crossing by BNSF is anticipated in Spring 2021.
The Copper Ridge Connector Trail will provide an alternative to on-street travel for bicyclists and pedestrians along this stretch of 57th Street known for its steep grade and narrow shoulder. The connection will also serve this rapidly growing area of the city in addition to providing a regional connection to the Long View Trail. Construction will begin in December and is anticipated to be completed by June 2021″