For Immediate Release – June 3, 2016

Fort Collins, Colo – Five Fort Collins-based mountain biking groups are joining forces in an effort to promote and improve soft-surface, multi-use trails in northern Colorado for the benefit of all hikers, bikers and horseback riders.


The newly-formed Fort Collins Mountain Bike Advocacy (FCMBA) group was organized as a response to rapid growth and increased soft-surface trail use in the region. Current participating groups include…Overland Mountain Bike Club, Ciclismo Youth Foundation, Team BOB (Babes on Bikes), Fort Follies and Northern Colorado Grassroots (NCGR), along with local Luna Pro Team rider and Olympic medalist Georgia Gould.


Population growth means more people are out hiking, running, and riding on soft-surface trails. Without improvements to trail access and connectivity, the group anticipates increased crowding and potential user conflicts.


“As seen by the overflowing trailhead parking lots on the weekends….Fort Collins’ soft-surface trails are at a point where all user-groups have to come together and work together to expand our trail network so everyone, from beginner to expert, can enjoy them and grow with them. I’d like to help drive the effort to expand our trails in a way that benefits everyone,” said group member Steve Lacey.


The FCMBA hopes to address these issues by working with other user groups and area land managers to invest in planning and construction of new soft-surface, multi-use trails as well as improving connectivity and access to existing trail networks.


While northern Coloradoans pride themselves on being outdoor-oriented and environmentally friendly, the options for hikers and mountain bikers are limited, particularly near Fort Collins, the area’s population center.


“I think this group is important because it can have a direct and positive influence on all aspects of growing our trail system thoughtfully, whether it’s by being involved in the planning and policy decisions, devoting time and person-power to physically building the trails, or uniting and deploying user groups for maintaining the trails,” said Erin Bisenius, member of NCGR and Team BOB, also one of the group’s members.


Other Colorado towns like Fruita and Eagle have become both mountain biking and trail running destinations by investing in better soft-surface trail networks. That brings a tourism boost to the economy while also improving access for those living in the area.


“This year, the Fort Collins Mountain Bike Advocacy Group will create a list of top-priority projects,” said Kenny Bearden, Club Administrator for Overland Mountain Bike Club. “This will help the group set priorities while working with area land management agencies, municipalities and within current recreation master plans to take action on these high priority soft-surface trails.”


For more information or ways you can contribute, please contact:

Erin Bisenius – (740) 504-4085,
Steve Lacey – (970)443-0728,
Kenny Bearden – (970) 217-6587,