United Wheels, owners of Niner Bikes, announced yesterday that the brand is undergoing a substantial reorganization. That reorganization, unfortunately includes layoffs and the potential relocation of the brand’s headquarters to the parent company’s headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio, next fall.  An anonymous Niner employee clarified that the brand’s Sharp Point Drive lease is up in September, and market conditions, potential retail space, and staff size will ultimately dictate what Niner’s Fort Collins footprint will look like at that time. The goal is to keep as much of a presence in Fort Collins as possible but what that looks like remains to be determined.

Unfortunately, an undisclosed number of people from the Fort Collins cycling community who worked for Niner were let go during the latest reorganization.

“As we navigate the current economic landscape, we must make strategic decisions to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of the United Wheels company and our brands,” said Bruno Maier, the president and COO of United Wheels.

Niner has experienced several reorganizations and moves since former owner Chris Sugai brought the brand to Fort Collins from California in 2011. United Wheels purchased Niner out of bankruptcy in 2018. In 2021, the warehouse was moved to San Pedro, CA.  Sugai, who now works for Gates, was let go in October 2022.

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