Cyclocross Nationals Championships returned to Louisville, Kentucky, for 2023. Northern Colorado has 11 riders racing 15 times in various categories during the week. They’ll be joining 1438 other competitors at Joe Creason Park December 5th-10th. Our roster is below and stay tuned for results as they come in.

Category First Name Last Name Result
Collegiate Men Club Nick Carter 2nd
Collegiate Men Club Lucas Huesman 20th
Collegiate Men Club Luke Leavitt 10th
Collegiate Men Club Quentin Loxtercamp 5th
Collegiate Women Club Isa Naschold 5th
Collegiate Women Club Macayla Scheidt 13th
Collegiate Team Relay-CSU 3rd
Men Singlespeed Michael Crouch 68
Men Singlespeed Brannan Fix 14
Men Singlespeed Pete Mohr 66
Juniors Men 13-14 Charlie Mohr 59
Juniors Men 15-16 Desmond Mohr 8
U23 Men Nick Carter 7
Collegiate Team Relay-CSU 2
Elite Men Brannan Fix 16

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