jim dickerson nationalsJim Dickerson with an impressive 2nd at Masters Time Trial Nationals. Northern Colorado racers are bringing home hardware from Masters Nationals.   The TT took place on Wednesday with Jim Dickerson, Mike Williams and Walter Durrer all making the podium. Results below.

The road races and criteriums will be taking place later today and later this week.  Cini Brown, Jerry Nichols, Dane Emde, Berry Messmer, Mike Williams, Jim Dickerson, Alexi Grewal and Walter Durrer will compete in one or both of those events. 

TT Reuslts: 

Jim Dickerson 2nd 60-64

Walter Durrer 2nd 45-49

Mike Williams 5th 50-54

Cini Brown 14th 50-54

Jerry Nichols 20th 60-64

 Road Race Results: 

Cini Brown DNF 20-54 

Berry Messmer 5th 65-69

Jerry Nichols 27th 60-64

Alexi Grewal DNF 55-59

Walter Durrer 5th 45-49

Criterium Results:

Cini Brown 14th 50-54

Alexi Grewal 43rd 55-59

Dane Emde 35th 45-49

Full results: