Northern Colorado has 10 racers taking part in cyclocross nationals this week in Lakewood WA, just outside of Tacoma. The NoCo roster is: Matt Fix, Brannan Fix, Mike Bonenberger, Logan VonBokel, Ray Roetmant, Peyton Wilkerson, Tayne Andrade, Katie Paradis, Alex Johnson, and Sebastian Frimat.

Historical Data:

The following data represents individual racers, not race starts. Ie, some racers raced more than once.

2018b-14- in Louisville KY

2018a -10- racers in Reno NV

2017-5- racers in Hartford CT. 

2016-8- in Ashville NC

2015-17- in Austin TX

2014-29- Boulder CO

Schedule and results: 

Results will be posted as they become official. 

Live results here:


Logan VonBokel- 22nd place – Men Cat 1/2/3 Master 30-34

Ray Roetmant-48th place-Men Master 60-64


Tayne Andrade-8th place- Collegiate Men Club

Alex Johnson- 26th place-Collegiate Men Club

Sebastian Frimat-14th place-Collegiate Men Club

Katie Paradis- 11th place-Collegiate Women Club

Matt Fix-Cat 1/2/3 Master-63rd place- 50-54

Mike Bonenberger-15th place-Men Cat 1/2/3 Master 50-54


Tayne Andrade -Collegiate 4×4 Lap Team Relay- 4th place

Alex Johnson -Collegiate 4×4 Lap Team Relay- 4th place

Sebastian Frimat -Collegiate 4×4 Lap Team Relay- 4th place

Katie Paradis -Collegiate 4×4 Lap Team Relay- 4th place

Colorado State took 4th in the omnium. 


Logan VonBokel-3rd place- Men’s industry race


Peyton Wilkerson-23rd place- Men Cat 1/2/3 Junior 17-18

Sebastian Frimat-@one lap-U23 Men

Tayne Andrade-14th place-U23 Men

Brannan Fix Elite Men- 13th place- Men’s Elite

Sunday Live Stream information

The Elite races are on Sunday and YGR will have the stream embedded so tune in.
Here’s the Sunday schedule with local racers :
9:15am – Junior Men- Peyton Wilkerson
10:10am – Junior Women
11:05am – U23 Women
12:20pm – U23 Men- Tayne Andrade, Sebastian Frimat
1:20pm – Elite Women
3:15pm – Elite Men- Brannan ‘Branno’ Fix