Noosa Yoghurt Honey Dripper Logo YellowThe Bellvue based Australian style yoghurt company is continuing its support of cycling at both the national and local level.  Several weeks ago Noosa announced that it would extend its sponsorship with Fort Collins’ First City Cycling Team and the Boulder based Noosa Professional Cyclocross Team.   In November, Noosa was acquired by Boston-based Advent International, a private equity firm, and some wondered if their support of cycling would continue.  Thankfully, that acquisition appears to have little effect on marketing decisions. Advent also owns Lululemon Athletica, which sponsored one of the best female cycling teams in the world, so cycling sponsorship is by no means foreign to them.  

You’ll see the Noosa logo on the backs 90 First City Cycling Team Riders as they compete in every discipline of cycling; road, mtb, and cx. The team had over 600 individual starts in 2014.  FCCT members will be handing Noosa samples and prizes at the City Streets Crits, Cross of the North and other local events. 

Nationally you’ll see the logo on the backs of Meredith Miller and Allen Krughoff as they compete in the highest level cyclocross races in the United States and Europe with the Noosa Professional Cyclocross Team.  Meredith is currently making final preparations for the World Championships of Cyclocross at the end of this month.