oso2018The semi annual, semi competitive and very low-key One Speed Open will take place on Saturday June 30th. This gravel ride is open to anyone on any type of bike, as long as it only has one functioning gear.  Start time, start location and routes will be announced soon. The three most important things about this ride are to be safe, be smart and be cool. This ride is in noway sanctioned or endorsed by anyone.  Your safety and the cycling community’s image are your responsibility. The ride will take place on open roads and all riders must obey all traffic laws.  More info to come.

The OSO has been taking place in one way or another since 2005.  I’m proud to say that I took part in that very first OSO. It’s taken place in all conditions and in every season. Sometimes it’s hotter than hell, sometimes colder than.  2012 was particularity brisk with temps in the single digits. The route also changes from year to year but it always incorporates the best gravel NoCo has to offer. 

Details as of now:  

When: June 30th, 2018
Time: Registration at 9:00AM
Start: 242 N. Sunset Drive (near Laporte and Sunset Dr.)
End: Brave New Wheel
Fee: $15 entry, t-shirts will be for purchase
Reward for Mens/Womens: Prizes for top finishers in each category


This year’s OSO will benefit the SAVA Center in Fort Collins. If you want to learn more about their cause and mission statement, please visit http://savacenter.org/ (SAVA Center is in no way associated with the OSO).


Here’s some info on gear from the mostly defunct but still charming and informative OSO Blog. Lots of good history here: http://onespeedopen.blogspot.com/

Equipment: The ideal tire for this will be one with some bite and volume to it. Cross tires from 32 to 40c are just about ideal depending on your weight and style of riding. I’m sporting Maxxis Razes in 35 and weight 120…for a hint. NOTE: There’s always the chance that we may encounter Puncture Vine aka “goatheads” somewhere along the course. Here’s a few ways to fight them bastards:

-Run quality, “shielded” tires. ( Continental’s “plus” family, while not a race tire are really tough / effective, for example)
-Run tubeless.
-Run Thorn resistant tubes
-Inject some sealing Goo such as “Stan’s” in your tubes.
-Stay away from the edges of the road.
-some combination of the above.

And, good lord, what GEAR ??? you wonder…
Casual and amateur racers typically show up with gears around 40 to 44 /16 or 18
The more experienced riders typically show up with higher 46 to 50/16 or 17.
If you’re one of Nature’s freaks you may get away with a monster 52/14 ( Freak and all we love you Dads)
I’m more of a “climber” type douche and I’ll be running 50/16 if that helps anyone.
In the end only you know if you’d rather mash or spin.