With 3-5 inches of snow forecasted for tonight and single and negative digits temps for tomorrow, Pennock Pedaling Powwow organizer, Colin Pinney, has rerouted the course. Riders will now go from the Bean Cycle to Masonville, up the Buckhorn Canyon and attempt to summit Pennock Pass.  At the summit or the furthest point deemed possible by each individual,  riders will turn around and backtrack to Fort Collins rather than pressing on to the Poudre Canyon and certain death.   

Tips on how to safely accomplish the ride can be found here. https://goo.gl/WGfFh0

Via Colin Pinney

Tomorrow is Pennock Pedaling Powwow. Meeting at Bean Cycle at 6:30am with a prompt roll out at 7am. My proposed route this year is to go up the usual way thru Masonville to Buckhorn Canyon Road, BUT to return back down Buckhorn Canyon Road to Masonville back to Fort Collins. It is going to be very cold out there so come prepared and set your personal safety as your priority. Beyond that, lets go have some fun on two wheels!