For some reason people have a hard time pulling off the podium photograph. Dirty faces, weird hand placement, odd wardrobe choices, the list goes on.  It’s easy to find one person on the boxes that nails the shot, but it’s rare to find one where all three get it right. In the day of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s important that you nail it.  Your sponsors will appropriate it. 

Here’s a quick guide to make sure you get it right.




Enjoy the moment.  You worked hard to get there.  The race is over, lighten up and enjoy it.

Shake hands with your competitors.

Wear a clean sponsor correct baseball hat. It’s even ok to wear it backwards as long as the sponsor logo is showing. 

Sponsor correct sunglasses can be on the cap, but not over the logo. 

Wear a clean long sleeve jersey or long sleeve skinsuit zipped all the way up. Short sleeve will work, but its not optional.

Wear clean bibs.  Black tights can also be worn underneath.

Wear clean running shoes/indoor soccer shoes or even your cycling shoes.

Clean the crud off your legs and face. 

Feel free to advise your podium partners on the correct etiquette.  Something as simple as “alright ladies, smile, both arms up” can go a long way to making you all look good.

“I don’t know what to do with my hands” You have a couple options here.  Just get everyone on board. 

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd should have both hands/arms extended straight up.
  • 1st place should have both arms/hands extended up . 2nd and 3rd should have their outer hands/arms extended up and the inner hands/arms behind 1st’s back.
  • 1st place has his/her arms behind/around 2nd and 3rd and they have their outer hands/arms extended up and the inner hands/arms behind 1st’s back.
  • Its important that it’s symmetrical. 

Feel free to bring your little one up on stage, but be sure to get a couple shots without him/her too. 

Wear your medal.

Put any other prizes at your feet. 

Smile, even if you got 3rd.

If you won a beverage, drink up. 


Wear jeans/khaki shorts.

Wear knee warmers.

Wear tee shirts.

Wear your sunglasses on your face.

Wear your helmet.

Any pose that shows your stomach. 

Awkwardly hold hands with your podium partners. This seems like a good idea but it never works out right. 

Skip the podium. If you are lucky enough to have a promoter that is willing to go through the effort of having a podium ceremony, you should be there. Skipping it is disrespectful to them and your fellow racers. 

Goose anyone, just, just don’t. 

*Keep in mind that every race and every podium is different. MTB podiums are considerably more lax.