Lucas Elmsby Jake Arnold

The first race of the weekend was the CU crit out at the business park. If you haven’t done this race before think about nascar there are no corners and you pretty much just lean left the whole race. This makes for some super fast races with lots of attacks. The woman’s C’s saw a strong performance by Melanie Beale sprinting in for 2nd. Men’s C’s controlled the race and ran attack after attack. George Simpson took the win in a two-man break, followed by Jon Keyzer in a solo break for 3rd. Mobarak took 4th.  Joey Chiavetta picked up a 4th in the men’s B race.

After the CU crit, on Saturday afternoon was the Wyoming Team Time Trial at Bear Lake. It was a blustery afternoon on a technical course making it quite difficult. The men’s C’s and B’s dominated their races picking up two first places. The woman’s C’s and A’s had equal performances with impressive wins over teams who where geeked out in aero equipment.

Sunday was the CC crit. It was a technical course with a hill and a roundabout just before the finish line. Strong performances started in the Men’s C’s with a solo win by Mobarak using the hill on the last lap as a launching pad. That was then backed up in the B’s with all three of them going top 10, with Joey Chiavetta nabbing 5th. Drew Faturos and Nate Prewitt getting seventh and tenth respectively. Then came Justine Boddy, Maddie Tuggle and Kate Wold’s killer performance in the woman’s A’s picking up first, third and sixth.

Looking like CSU will be taking over first in the team standing this weekend after some stellar performances by many rams. I am proud to say you could see Green and Gold all over the front of all the races. 

Many thanks to Dejan Semaic of Sportif Images for always providing great photos of the local races. Website-