“I can’t feel my foot”
On Oct 21st, 2020 Fort Collins’ Rees Ruland set the lofty goal of establishing a new FKT on Utah’s White Rim Trail. The White Rim is a ridiculously beautiful 103-mile loop on jeep road through Canyonlands National Park. It’s not particularly technical but it is 100 miles on a mountain bike, so yeah, it’s not easy. Riders like myself tend to do it supported in 2-3 days. Rees was looking to beat the previous Strava QOM of 07:28:55 set just four days earlier by Kira Payer. You’ll have to watch the video produced by the Pros Closet, Justin Balog, Chris McNally, and Chris Motta to see how she did. Or I guess you could go directly to her Strava of the ride but what fun would that be?

Here’s what she had to say about the ride. “Riding the White Rim, namely just riding a mountain bike for 100 miles, was out of my comfort zone. Which is what we all need from time to time. Big dreams and aspirations aren’t generally the problem, it’s your comfort zone that will kill you. I’m proud of myself for trying to do something I wasn’t confident I’d succeed at. I’m also humbled by all the women that have ridden this (especially you @alexisskarda). I hope that just one person gets inspired by this story, sets a lofty goal, and puts their energy and focus into that, even if the odds are against you. A huge thanks to @justinbalog, thank you for being a wizard and making our plans come to life. @the.scorps and @motta_photo thank you. Working on this video was so fun. (More fun than the ride?).”

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