gouldmtbThose of you who follow Georgia (not even gonna use her last name anymore) may have noticed a couple things, A) she logs some big miles on her MTB. B) She never drives to a trailhead unless it’s in WY someplace. 3) She rarely wears a hydration pack or backpack.  YGR caught up with her to find out what she takes on her 40, 50 and 60+ mtb rides and how she carries it.  Georgia has her eye on the Rio Olympics. In order to make it, she needs to be among the top two Americans in the next two World Cup races. You can watch her race on Redbull TV on Sunday May 22nd and 29th.  Good luck Georgia. 

YGR: Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall seeing you train with a hydration or backpack, why is that?

GG: Honestly, it’s mostly because I like training with drink mix and I hate cleaning out hydration bladders. Also, there are plenty of local trailheads that have water. I do use a pack sometimes, especially if I go ride somewhere like happy jack where there isn’t easy access to water. But if I don’t need to carry 4hrs worth of water on my back the whole ride…although maybe that would be good training….

YGR: What do you take on a 60 mile training ride and how do you carry everything? 
GG: 2 bottles (plus 2 packs Clif Shot drink mix).
1-2 packs Clif Bloks
2-3 Clif bars (Kits bars, Mojo bars and the new Nut-Butter filled bars are my faves)
-I might not eat all of that- I always try to bring some extra food
1 tube, tire lever, mini pump, 2 co2 cartridges, a Pedro’s multi tool
Lightweight Rain jacket
Cell phone

Most of that fits in my jersey pockets- winter is nice because a vest gives you 3 extra pockets…

YGR: When you do use one, what kind is it?
GG: Camelbak makes awesome packs in pretty much every size. I have a bigger one that I use for bigger/longer backcountry rides (or motorcycle rides)
And a smaller one that I use for shorter rides/races (like the LMBS series races at happy jack).