Eric MorganPhoto by Eric Morgan

The Larimer County Road and Bridge Department is doing extensive work on Rist Canyon this summer. According to Darrell Morrell a spokesperson for the department,

CR 52E (aka Rist Canyon Road) is being resurfaced with asphalt from CR 27E (dirt road at the bottom) to Stratton Park Road (big block mail boxes on the right after the Firehouse). The 6.5 mile resurfacing job is scheduled to be completed by October 1, 2017.  Although some sections of roadway appear to have been widened, this is only happening in areas where the drainage ditch is being paved to the rock slope to prevent erosion along the roadways shoulder.  Most curves that butt up against rock walls will have the “Ditch Paving” process applied.  While the roadway is open to bikes, you can expect delays of up to 15 minutes going both up and down.  As always, please be courteous to both construction workers and other roadway users while riding the canyon as this area can be contentious at times. 

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