Local trials rider, Robbie Pfunder recently uploaded the video he produced, Carpe Aestatem “Seize the Summer”. The film documents his travels around the country, hitting trials competitions in his Subaru Justy in 2012. It’s cool to see that Robbie is still traveling the country doing observed trails but now it’s with his own Mountian Bike Stunt show. Check out the film below and hit the links to follow along. 


Robbie Pfunder-

In 2012 a lot of things happened.
One of those things was that I left my world as I knew it (my comfort zone?) in pursuit of The Endless Summer of trials riding (Yes, inspired largely by Bruce Brown’s 1966 flick, The Endless Summer- go watch it if you haven’t). I drove my tiny, air conditionless Subaru Justy around the country, finding rad spots to ride and hitting as many national competitions as I could. One result of this passion project was that I finished ranking 2nd overall in North America which I was pretty proud of. Another result was I ended up producing this video I entitled “Carpe Aestatem” which translates to “Seize the Summer”. I recently uploaded the full video to my YouTube channel and figured it was worth mentioning. It’s a longish video at 11 mins but I still think it’s worth the watch- especially as summer approaches. The movie kind of builds up towards the end and there was a certain story vibe that I was trying to tell. See if you can pick up on it. Enjoy.