After 3 years of planning, the Rossborough Park Cyclocross Skills Course (#crossborough) officially became seasonally permanent on August 1st, 2020.  The .71 mile course includes; off-camber turns, two sets of stairs, a sandpit, and two adjustable-height barriers, and a one-handed turning pole. The grass course is best run in a clockwise direction and is painted with white field paint.  One lap should take around four minutes. Anything under 3:45 means you’re riding faster than allowed, so please slow down. Feel free to race-pace the features but chill on the rest of the course. The course is intended to hone skills, not race fitness. There are too many dog walkers and kiddos around for us to get too crazy over there. The course will close each season in mid-December. Usually the week of Cyclocross Nationals.

Here are some best practices with regards to interaction with other park users; Be polite. Say hello. Chat people up about their dogs. Pick up trash. Wave. Explain the course and cyclocross. Listen to their concerns but don’t argue or be confrontational. Don’t swear (louder than a whisper anyway, I mean, it is cyclocross). If any issues arise or the features need attention, please shoot me a message.

The course was made possible by over a dozen of Fort Collins cycling community volunteers, Scott Glasscock with Mawson Lumber, Christoph Justen with Shadow Timbers Inc, The Send Town Bike Club, Ronny Bush State Farm Insurance, City of Fort Collins Parks and Park Planning Departments and Your Group Ride.

Course information and features

  • Open from August 1st until the week of Cyclocross Nationals. Usually the second week in December.
  • Address: 1630 Casa Grande Blvd, Fort Collins, CO 80526
  • Eastside stairs: 24′ long, 12 steps
  • Westside stairs: 24′ long, 8 steps
  • Sandpit: 80′ long, 10′ wide, 14″ deep,  65 tons of sand
  • Barriers: Two barriers adjustable at zero” 4″, 6″ 10″ 12″ and 16″ (UCI reg)
  • The Van der Poel: A 5-foot metal pole for one-handed turning practice
  • North berm single track
  • Fully painted course
  • #crossborough #crossboroughpark


  • Open from 5am-11pm
  • Maximum of 15 riders on the course at any given time.
  • Follow the course line.
  • Maximum speed limit of 15mph.
  • Course features and the park are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Ride with the flow of traffic.
  • The best direction (to go up the stairs) is clockwise.
  • Yield to other park users even if they’re on the course and course features.
  • Drop-in use only.
  • No events.
  • No classes.
  • No paid lessons.
  • Closed during wet conditions.
  • Check YGR social media, the information kiosk.
  • There are no bathrooms at Rossborough. Plan ahead.
  • Do not go full gas. Don’t go for the KOM, it’s already been flagged.
  • Be a good neighbor.