This program introduces children and adults, alike, to unicycling and several unicycling disciplines recognized by the International Unicycling Federation (IUF) and the Unicycle Society of America (USA).

All abilities are welcome, including those with zero unicycling experience. New riders will be instructed in the fundamentals — riding, turning, and free mounting and refining those skills through fun and engaging activities.

Experienced riders will explore new tricks and skills through structured activities, games, practice in the skatepark, and special instruction from national champion guest coaches.

Program Requirements

● A working unicycle

● Properly fitted bike helmet

● Biking gloves

Dylan recommends the Kris Holm Pulse gloves with built-in wrist guards. These gloves have extra padding on the palm as well as a built-in wrist protector that does not interfere with gripping a unicycle saddle or handlebar.

Alternatively, Dylan recommends full finger bike-specific gloves with extra padding in the palm.

Wrist protectors with a hard plastic palm, like the ones marketed for skateboarding, are not recommended because they interfere with gripping the unicycle for technical maneuvers.

● A TeamApp account for practice announcements and changes

Program Dates & Location
Every Saturday (10AM – 12PM) from Nov 6, 2021 to Nov 27, 2021

Practice Location

Fossil Creek Park

5821 South Lemay Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Bonus Muni Rides

After the completion of the program, two free social mountain unicycle (muni) rides will be held for any riders that are interested. No previous muni experience is required, however, riders must be able to ride comfortably on flat terrain and able to free mount somewhat consistently (at least 75% of the time). Muni ride dates will be Sunday November 28, 2021 and Saturday December 4, 2021, weather permitting.


Renegade Juggling

Qu-Ax (Ships from Germany)

Mad4One (Ships from Italy)

Gear (specifically, KH Pulse gloves)

Cost = $100

Dylan Canfield

Registration DEADLINE: 11/3 @ 11:59pm
Please contact or for more information.