KristenEagleFellow local mountain biker needs our help.  After 6 years of battling bone cancer, Kristin Eagle thankfully finds herself cancer free.  Unfortunately before her battle even started, she was dropped by her insurance company.  Kristin was involved in a long term clinical trial that absorbed much of the costs, but she still incurred tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Kristen and her family have leveraged everything they have to get the bills paid off as best they can.  Now, with over $30,000.00 still remaining and lawsuits pending, they are at a loss.  Ben Parman and Rachel McCrary, close friends of Kristen, are so concerned about Kristin and her emotional health that they have launched a fundraiser to eliminate the financial burden associated with beating cancer. 

Here are the details from the fundraising page. 

Battling cancer is one of the most difficult challenges many people face in their lives, and for many it is their final battle. For those who survive the terrifying ordeal, every day of cancer-free living is a precious one, though life seldom returns to what it once was. Rebuilding a life in the wake of physical, emotional, and financial devastation is the unfortunate reality that many cancer survivors face in spite of their victory over this terrible disease.

Our dear friend Kristin has battled bone cancer for the past six years, and has recently been declared cancer free. However, Kristin must now endure the burdensome aftermath of her ordeal.

During her fight with cancer, Kristin became interested in cycling as a means to keep her body as healthy as possible. She has since evolved from novice, to enthusiast, to an avid mountain biker who has devoted herself to this sport that has become a passion of hers. Not only has cyling contributed enormously to her physical and emotional recovery, but has also been credited by her oncologist as one of the primary reasons she is now cancer free.

Unfortunately, Kristin’s health insurance was dropped immediately after her cancer diagnosis. Following six years of cancer treatment, she is now faced with an insurmountable financial battle, including pending lawsuits from credit card companies which she had to utilize to pay her medical bills.

The most important thing for Kristin’s ongoing recovery is to remain cancer free, which necessitates her devoting as much time as possible to keeping her body and mind healthy. Please help Kristin remain cancer free by easing her post-cancer financial burdens so that she can remain focused on maintaining her physical health and flourish as a cancer survivor!