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Detailed information on the projects via the Larimer County website can be found below.  http://www.larimer.org/openlands/regional-trails.htm

Larimer County works with municipal and transportation agencies and willing landowners to connect cities and towns with regional trails. These trails are used daily for recreation and transportation and in some cases receive over 600,000 visitors annually. Regional trails are some of the most popular outdoor recreation amenities in Larimer County.

Regional trails, or shared use paths, are concrete multi-use trails connecting parks, open spaces and natural areas with residential, commercial and civic areas. They may be designed for a variety of users, including cyclists, walkers, equestrians, and inline skaters.

Regional trails:

  • Enhance public safety by providing separate non-motorized transportation options
  • Increase cycling and walking by creating safe, fun and easy trails
  • Improve the economy by providing better access to employment centers Improve public health by providing convenient, free, year-round recreation

Regional trails are a high priority for Larimer County Natural Resources. The links below will direct you to specific regional trail projects throughout Northern Colorado.

The Department sets priorities for regional trails through the Open Lands Master Plan.


Colorado Front Range Trail

In 2003, Colorado State Parks, with the support of the citizens of Colorado, many communities and stakeholders, initiated the Colorado Front Range Trail project.

The vision is to create a multi-use trail from Wyoming to New Mexico along the Front Range of Colorado. This 800+-mile trail will link diverse communities, scenic landscapes, cultural and historic points, parks, open space and other attractions.


In Larimer County, there are two distinct sections of the Colorado Front Range Trail. The Poudre River Trail and a future trail near Lyons, through Loveland and Fort Collins will serve as the second branch of the Colorado Front Range Trail. The undeveloped sections of both branches of the Colorado Front Range Trail are in the planning stage and will be built at a future date.

Larimer County is currently submitting grant applications to build a 2.2 mile segment of the Colorado Front Range Trail, between Carpenter Road and Loveland’s Recreation Trail. This project is a partnership between Larimer County, the Cites of Fort Collins and Loveland.

You can help this effort by signing the petition and follow the project by signing up for the Regional Trails Partnership listserv.


Front Range Trail LogoColorado Front Range Trail Map


North Section Map


Longview Corridor Trail

The Long View Corridor (North Taft Avenue in Loveland, South Shields Street in Fort Collins) has been a longtime conservation and recreation priority for Loveland, Fort Collins and Larimer County. This corridor serves as a community separator between Loveland and Fort Collins and is defined by working farmland and public land.

The Long View Corridor Trail Project creates the first non-motorized regional transportation connection between Fort Collins and Loveland. As proposed, the trail connects more than 65 miles of existing concrete trail between Loveland and Fort Collins. The Long View Corridor Trail will be a 4.4-mile long concrete trail connecting western Loveland and Fort Collins through five existing open spaces and natural areas. These public lands are used for growing local food and provide valuable wildlife habitat. The trail will provide a safe alternative to walking or bike riding busy North Taft Avenue/South Shields Street and will fold the trail user into the beautiful setting of protected farmland.

Currently Larimer County and its partners, Fort Collins and Loveland, are seeking grant funding to develop this trail between Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area and Loveland’s new (unnamed) Natural Area at the corner of 57th Avenue and North Taft Avenue.

You can help this effort by signing the petition and follow the project by signing up for the Regional Trails Partnership listserv.

Long View Corridor Site Map