On Halloween morning, about 40 volunteers from the Overland Mountain Bike Club the Ciclismo Youth Foundation and other community members started construction of the revamped Spring Canyon Bicycle Skills Park. Volunteers arranged rocks to create obstacles on beginner, intermediate, and advanced lines so that beginner mountain bikers can start easy then move to more difficult obstacles as their skills improve. On later volunteer work days, they’ll be building some more obstacles, a pump track, and a step/ledge practice area. 

Following volunteer days will be to put in the hillside technical feature lines (1 day), the ledge, on the south side of the technical skill lines (1 day), the rock garden (1 day), the play area (1 day) and the pump track, around the inner perimeter of the fence (2-3  days?). The next volunteer day will be be to put in the hillside technical feature lines. The goal is to complete the Skills Park in 2016.

More info on the Spring Canyon Skills Park Revamp: http://goo.gl/jPXRBU

Photos by Glen Akins

360 degree  Photosphere: https://goo.gl/maps/W3LKYKTYox42

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