MarkSuzieMark Duff gives Suzie Livingston a neutral feed on the bourbon bypass as Tim Lynch rides on.The Northern Colorado cycling community spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon racing bikes, drinking beer and bourbon and heckling.  The community raised a total of $3,125.00 for Tom Carter in the process. The Ciclsimo Youth Foundation which ran registration and results made an online donation of $1,600.00 to Tom’s GoFundMe campaign. Tim Lynch will be delivering a $1,525.00 check to Tom later this week.  The $1,525.00 was from donations, tee shirt, beer and food sales.  It was decided to use a certified check rather than online donation to avoid the nearly 8% in GoFundMe fees.  That campaign is now close to $18,000.00. 

An additional 25 shirts have been presold online. Orders are being accepted until Dec 1st.

Race Registration Breakdown

123 Registered Racers- $1,600 (after fees)

Tees, Food, Beer, Donations Breakdown

Checks $110.00 

Cash $2,165.00
Donations Subtotal $2,275.00

Tee-Shirts – first run 60ct.-$300.00

Expenses Subtotal-$750.00

TOTAL $$$ for TOM C.