Our fellow mountain biker that passed away on Sunday, May 1st while riding Devils Backbone was Loveland’s, Doug Collins. Doug’s wife of 24 years, Leslie Collins shared this photo with us. He was born in North Dakota and had called Loveland and Colorado home for decades. He loved mountain biking and he specifically loved riding Devils Backbone. Leslie says it was his second home and had ridden it 100s of times. In addition to mountain biking, Doug loved his cat Carlos, traveling with his wife, hiking, xc skiing, and snowboarding. He was also the founder and co-owner of Avid Product Development in Loveland. Leslie confirmed that he passed away due to a sudden cardiac incident at 48 years old. She would like to express her sincere gratitude to the four cyclists that were on the scene and tried to help Doug as well as the paramedics and the Flight For Life crew. There will be a memorial ride at Devil’s Backbone later this Spring. Please join me in sending Leslie and all of Doug’s friends and family positive energy and strength.