Malcolm Hall (L) with Dwight, Erin and Sinclair. 

It is with great pain that I announce the passing of Malcolm Hall. Malcolm was the youngest son of Dwight and Erin Hall and the little brother to Sinclair. He passed away accidentally Sunday night at the age of 19.  Malcolm and Sinclair were both active members of the Ciclismo Youth Foundation.  Malcolm graduated mid-semester from Rocky Mountain High School in 2019 and was working at Gulley’s Greenhouse here in Fort Collins.  The Hall family has been a loved and respected driving force within the Fort Collins cycling community for over 40 years. Please join me in supporting Malcolm’s family and friends as they endure this extremely difficult time. 

Celebration of Malcolm

There will be a celebration of Malcolm on Sunday, May 23rd, 2021 on Lucinda Court from 3- 6 pm. 

More information here:

When: 3:00-6:00pm

4:30 A few personal words by Pastor Bert (close family friend) and then everyone is invited to share stories.

Where: Lucinda Court (in the cul-de-sac)

    On-street parking may be limited – please consider riding your bicycle!  

What To Bring: Chairs, Pictures, Memories

View and post pictures of Malcolm:

**There will be LOUD music, dancing, drinks, lots of stories, and Malcolm’s favorite foods–orange chicken and mac-n-cheese**


If you would like to contribute or make a donation, the following are some of the things the Hall family would like to do to celebrate Malcolm.

Payments accepted via VENMO and PAYPAL

Beach Trip for the Family to Spread Ashes

A Permanent Remembrance (e.g. bench, tree…)

Donation to Charity of the Family’s Choice