Yesterday afternoon, Andrew Morris, Kade Kreikemeier and RJ Morris with the support of 25 other riders and Ciclismo Coaching staff, Everested Ford Hill. The suffering got underway on the fabled climb at 4:00 am and would continue for another 15.5 hours, wrapping up at 7:30 pm. The combined effort equaled 431 laps and a total of 267,220 feet climbed. The group effort raised over $2200.00 (and counting) in the name of endurance athlete Dave Krimstock for The Phoenix. Dave was a mentor and endurance mtb legend who suffered from addiction and that addiction ultimately took is life. We are The Phoenix, and since 2006, our free sober active community has inspired more than 26,000 people across America to believe they have the strength to rise from the ashes of addiction through the support of those who are walking that very same path. – The Phoenix

The Phoenix-


Ciclismo Coaching-

By the numbers: 


Kade Kreikemeier 48 Everest

Andrew Morris 48 Everest 

RJ Morris 48 Everest 

1/2Everest +

Trace Fondy 42

Jackson Dale 30 

Cade Shortridge 32

Cole McGinnis (Scout) 24 

Gunner Johnson 24

10+ club 

Brannan Fix 17

Cole Kreikemeier 17

Drew Milewski 15

Cole Swanson 10

Gavin Pollock 10

Kellie Kreikemeier 10 (2running)

Andy Clark 10 

3+ club 

Steve Dale 5

Jeremy Norris 4

Quinn Harmon 3

Jackson Menand 3 

Randy Shortridge 2 running 

Brad Kreikemeier 3 running 

Supporting characters 

Mike Sokol 7

Zack Woy 6 

Olivia Cummings 2

Sara Sheets 3 

Logan VonBokel 3

James Bethana 3

Mike Callahan 2