Amys BalanceAfter slowly building a personalized commuter during the past year and reading James Huang’s heartfelt review of Amy Dombroski’s Balance AL-750, it dawned on me that many of us have bikes that might not get raced or even taken very good care of, but are very dear to us.   We ride these bikes on a daily basis but might not give them much attention other than the occasional lube and tube. You may have owned your commuter longer than any of your other bikes. We may have taken great care to build them peice by peice or pieced them together with parts found in a dumpster, regardless, their stories deserve to be told. These bikes define us as cyclists, not just bike racers. 

With that in mind, we’re rolling out the YGR Townie Bike Photo Contest.  We’ll have three categories; coolest bike, ugliest bike and bike with the best story. Photos will be posted to a gallery on this page on a daily basis so be sure to check back often. Winners will be announced on Monday Oct 28th.  Winners will be announced on Nov 11th. Voting open on Nov 4th on YGR.  I’ll even try to round up some prizes.

Email submissions to or post them to the YGR Facebook page:  Be sure to include your name, your bike’s name (if applicable) the story behind your bike and specifics about the build or unique parts. 

Rules, there are no stinkin’ rules.