Looking for a place to take ol’ Scraps for a run while you go full send? We’ve got you covered. The Arapaho National Forest has tons of trails that allow dogs off-leash. Just remember they must be under voice control and you must pack out their poop.

Brad Cole and Izze out riding. Photo by Ian Hylands.

Allowed Off-Leash

The following trails allow dogs to be off-leash but must be under voice control at all times.
This list is not all-inclusive and if there is any question, be sure to call the USFS Canyon Lakes District at 970-295-6700.
Please respect the fact that not everyone loves dogs and not everyone’s dogs love other dogs.

Source: Poudre Wilderness Volunteers

  • Young Gulch
  • Hewlett Gulch
  • Lower Dadd Gulch
  • Mt. Margaret
  • Lady Moon
  • Frog Pond & East Dowdy Lake
  • Crosier Mountain
  • Killpecker
  • Old Flowers Road
  • Roaring Creek

Dogs NOT Allowed

Leashed dogs are allowed in open spaces managed by Larimer County Natural Resources, Fort Collins Natural Areas, and Lory State Park with the following exceptions.

  • Red Mountain Open (Larimer County Natural Resources)
  • Fossil Creek Reservoir (Larimer County Natural Resources)
  • Rim Rock Open Space (Larimer County Natural Resources)
  • Bobcat Ridge (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Butterfly Woods (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Cottonwood Hollow (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Coyote Ridge (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Flores del Sol (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Fossil Creek Reservoir (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Hazaleus (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Piano Boulders (Fort Collins Natural Areas)\
  • Puente Verde (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Running Deer (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Soapstone Prairie (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Soaring Vista (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Tanglewood (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Topminnow (Fort Collins Natural Areas)

Local Open Space Dog Policies


This is accurate to my knowledge as of 11/01/2022