Looking for a place to take ol’ Scraps for a run while you go full send? We’ve got you covered. The Arapaho National Forest has tons of trails that allow dogs off-leash. Just remember they must be under voice control and you must pack out their poop.

Brad Cole and Izze out riding. Photo by Ian Hylands.

Allowed Off-Leash

The following trails allow dogs to be off-leash but must be under voice control at all times.
This list is not all-inclusive and if there is any question, be sure to call the USFS Canyon Lakes District at 970-295-6700.
Please respect the fact that not everyone loves dogs and not everyone’s dogs love other dogs.

Source: Poudre Wilderness Volunteers

  • Young Gulch
  • Hewlett Gulch
  • Lower Dadd Gulch
  • Mt. Margaret
  • Lady Moon
  • Frog Pond & East Dowdy Lake
  • Crosier Mountain
  • Killpecker
  • Old Flowers Road

Dogs NOT Allowed

Leashed dogs are allowed in open spaces managed by Larimer County Natural Resources, Fort Collins Natural Areas, and Lory State Park with the following exceptions.

  • Red Mountain Open (Larimer County Natural Resources)
  • Fossil Creek Reservoir (Larimer County Natural Resources)
  • Rim Rock Open Space (Larimer County Natural Resources)
  • Bobcat Ridge (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Butterfly Woods (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Cottonwood Hollow (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Coyote Ridge (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Flores del Sol (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Fossil Creek Reservoir (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Hazaleus (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Piano Boulders (Fort Collins Natural Areas)\
  • Puente Verde (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Running Deer (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Soapstone Prairie (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Soaring Vista (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Tanglewood (Fort Collins Natural Areas)
  • Topminnow (Fort Collins Natural Areas)

Local Open Space Dog Policies


This is accurate to my knowledge as of 11/01/2022