In an effort to increase participation and maintain safety at Wednesday Night Worlds, YGR will be hosting a summit on Feb 12th at 7 pm CooperSmith’s. After a number of years of strong participation, WNW saw a huge drop in 2019. Several issues contributed to that decline most notably were safety concerns with regards to the eastside I25 frontage road and a lack of a clear plan for the rest of the season. For 40+ years, Worlds had been attracting the best riders in the area and I would love for the local cycling community to work together to make that happen again. If you’ve ever done worlds but had given up on the ride, currently do it or would love to do it in the future, I encourage you to attend the summit on the 12th.

If you have ideas about the ride but can’t make the meeting, feel free to email or chime in on the YGR Facebook Forum. 

Proposed Agenda (feel free to message me if you’d like something added)

  • General ideas on how to increase participation.
  • General safety concerns.
  • Routes. (more gravel, more options)
  • Start locations. (rotating, in town)
  • Ride style (paces, styles).
  • Etiquette
  • 2020 start date, start time, start location and route.
  • Women’s worlds (followup meeting will probably be needed)

Here’s a story Grant The Intern wrote on the History of Worlds a few years back.


When: Wednesday, February 12th at 7pm.

Where: CooperSmith’s

Who: anyone who would like to save WNW. 

Facebook event and discussion:

Survey says: 

Please fill out the following survey if you’re interested in riding Worlds so we have some data at the meeting.