CYF CR for Worlds

Matt Skrdla of Spex Optical is offering a $100.00 Bounty for the B Pace ride at this week’s Worlds (July 9th).  Basically if the B Pace stays away from the A Pace, they get $100.00 to spend at the Swing Station.  There are a few rules, but the idea is to get a big group of B riders out to Worlds and working together.  This will definitely work better with 30 Bs rather than 10 so round up the crew and head out. If it’s successful, we’ll try to do it as often as possible. 


  • $100.00 tab at the Swing Station provided by Spex Optical for B Pace riders.
  • B Pace gets a 6 min lead.
  • They have to start with at least 10 riders.
  • Have to hit the Power Plant with at least 10 riders.
  • Have to hit the Owl Canyon and Taft Hill intersection with at least 5 riders. 
  • No Pros, 1s, or 2s in the B Pace. A Pace riders can veto a rider. 
  • The tab will be available from 7pm until closing time on Wed. 
  • If the B pace gets caught, the Bounty gets carried over until next week
  • Who gets to use the tab is up to the B pace lead group. 
  • This week it will be on the Classic Course