Winter WiennieWe all know a lot of die hard bike commuters. They’re kinda like disgruntled postal workers, Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Chris Johnson is at the top of my list of this special breed.  Few people I know commute as regularly or as far as Chris does. The time of Chris’ commutes is also a little on the crazy side. I remember chatting with him during the lead up to the USAPC as he was getting ready for his 12 mile ride home well after midnight.  His ride from central Fort Collins to the Budweiser Events Center takes him about 50min during adverse conditions. With a little organization, Chris says he can get ready for an ultra cold commute in about 5 minutes.

Here’s a list of what Chris wore during today’s 9 degree commute. 

  •  Showers Pass: soft-shell jacket, liners and crosspoint gloves.
  • Smartwool: neck gaiter, base layer, ski socks.
  • First City Cycling Team team issue winter jersey.
  • Underarmour winter base.
  • dry rackEndura Stealth extreme bib long tights.  (Endura makes winter bibs with no chamois so they’re both a little cheaper AND you can wear summer bibs under as a base layer and not have to wash the winter gear so often)
  • Two light winter caps; one brimless with sunglasses over the cap, one with a small brim snug to top of glasses.
  • Wolvhammer Winter spd boots.
  • Cannondale Caadx10 bike.
  • Schwalbe Marathon Winter Studded tires.
  • Cygolite front and rear lights.
  • A couple of pairs of boot warmers in pockets just in case.
  • Goretex Windstopper balaclava on standby. 
  • Helmet cover on standby.
  • All the GearTip: Keeping a single handwarmer on the back of your neck right at the ol brainstem keeps you feeling more comfortable even when my extremities are pretty chilly.