Peloton 647

Gale Bernhardt, author, Olympic coach and nine time Leadville 100 finisher, is coming to Fort Collins on May the 12th through June 16th. Gale and a few familiar faces from Peloton Cycles will be on hand to help guide you through on trail skills and Technics for 6 Mondays. This will be the best investment you have ever made in your cycling. For less than a new helmet you can learn skills (and drills to master those skills) that will help you the rest of your life.

Price is $50 for all sessions!

Skills covered:

1.Setting your bike up for your kind of riding.
2. Body position to keep you balanced, smooth and confident on the most difficult trails
3. Overcoming fears/barriers to your improvement (what good are your new skills if you are afraid/not confident to do them?)
4. Vision, How to look ahead correctly- Everyone one knows to look ahead but few actually do it! No matter how rough and rocky the trail you need to be looking ahead with both the trail and your goal in focus. This is easier said than done! We will teach you where and how to look ahead, how this effects your riding and how to improve your vision skills. (once mastered with our drills vision alone will make you quite a bit, smoother, faster and safer on the trail and the road)
5. Braking skills, learn when and how to brake for a smooth more in control ride (allowing you to go faster)
6. Cornering skills, from tricky off camber turns to smooth banked corners learn to get through the corners in balance, in control with exit speed (saving you energy! and time)
7. Descending skills, descend smoother, in balance with more confidence while using less energy (so you can go faster with less fear!)
8. Climbing skills, climb the most technical climbs in control, in balance and efficiently
9. Switchbacks, and slow speed balance (that helps in all of your riding)
10. Mental skills that help you perform at your best
11. Full Suspension, riding and set up.

Sign up today and start riding to your potential (and beating your friends)! This camp has limited spaces to ensure the optimal coach/rider ratio so sign up soon before the camp sells out.

What to expect :

Our goal is to teach you the core skills of mountain biking* and give you drills for each skill so you can continue to fine tune the skills long after the camp. With this goal in mind we have designed a structured 6 night Skills Progression to teach you the “core skills”* of mountain biking. In addition to these core mountain bike skills we teach the mental side of mountain biking throughout the camp to help you over come fear and barriers to improvement and get you riding confidently.

Each Monday we will start at 5:30 pm with 60-90 minutes of skills instruction, drills and on trail practice at (Spring Canyon). There will be mechanical support for safety checks, suspension tuning as well as general tech questions.

To sign up you can simply email us at We will collect the $50 at the first meeting. If you have questions please call, Robin 970-980-3207