YGR Live Flyer 4 16 v04

Via Chris Johnson of Bike Fort Collins. http://bikefortcollins.org/

YGR Live was developed in 2011 as “Northern Colorado’s Live Bike Talk Show”.  Our goal was to put together a regular event with a diverse lineup of guests and stories.   Over the years we’ve featured pro athletes, community leaders, educators, race promoters, journalists, health and fitness experts and more.  All with the goal of celebrating all the diverse and wonderful facets of bike culture in NoCo, and rallying the culture together to confront issues of common concern, like traffic safety.

After an extended hiatus, YGR Live is thrilled to announce our relaunch on April 11th at the Rio Grande Agave Room.   Hosts Dan Porter and Chris Johnson will bring up local newsmakers to give updates and info on upcoming projects, and then welcome 3 featured guests for longer interviews and audience Q&A.

For our relaunch we’re featuring the great lineup of:

Cosmo Catalano of Cyclocosm.com to talk about the classics, give some predictions about the summer tours, and talk about racing safety in light of the uptick in incidents between racers and support vehicles. Stacy Sebczek, Director of the Fort Collins Bike Share to talk about the evolution of the library into the new share model and whats unique about our share, and where we’re headed and Dan Lionberg to talk about the history and future of NoCo’s own underground classic, the One Speed Open.

Got questions for any of our guests? send em to chris.johnson@bikefortcollins.org or info@yourgroupride.com, or bring them in and ask em yourself!

This months event is sponsored by the Rio Grande Restaurant  and presented by Bike Fort Collins and YourGroupRide.com

The show starts at 7pm and will wrap up around 830pm.