Easy EWe’ve got a very special YGR Live coming up on Thursday Oct 9th.  We’ll be chatting with Ernest Gagnon and Cosmo Catalano at Backcounrty Delicatessen.  

Several years ago, Ernest opted out of of surgery and is using cycling to lose hundreds of pounds.  He’s making the trip from Boston to attend the Cross of the North cyclocross weekend. You can learn more about Ernest in the NPR story from 2012.  Ernest has been featured in numerous newspaper articles as well as VeloNews. 

Cosmo Catalano, who coincidentally is good friends with Ernest, just moved to Fort Collins from the Northeast.  You may or may not have heard of him, he’s pretty internet famous among the road and cyclocross crowds. He produces two popular video segments; How the Race was Won and The Week in Bike via his website, The Cycolcosm http://cyclocosm.com/ .

We’ll also discuss the upcoming Cross of the North CX weekend. Lots to talk about there. 

The whole shootin’ match will be moderated by Curtis Heideman and yours truly. 

Who: Ernest Gagnon and Cosmo Catalano

What: YGR Live! 

Where: Backcountry Delicatesssen. Old Town 140 N College Ave Fort Collins, CO 80524

When: Doors open at 630 and the show starts at 7pm.  (please come early if you plan to order a sandwich). Thursday Oct 9th.