And the winner is…

In case you’re wondering, yes it is possible to ride roughly 50, 60 and even 70 miles in a perfectly straight line from the FtC.  The legality of some of the roads is questionable but since it’s highly unlikely that these routes are going to become habitual, I’m allowing it. It’s gravel, these things happen.  Nate road 170 total miles to complete the QFC II which is a major feat itself.


Nate “this might be the most misguided thing I’ve ever done” Petter-68 miles  (170 totals miles)

Kurt Wieck -49 miles (72 total miles) 

Alan Schenkel- 46 miles (102 total miles)

Please note, WCR 74 (MCR KK) that was used in a couple of the competitions technically ends at WCR 109 (MCR JJ).

The competition 

Alright, nutjobs, last week Marie Walsh took the QFC win by riding her trainer for over 5 hours, this week, we’re going to see who can ride their bike in a straight line for the most miles. For example, if you started at Wilson and 29th in Loveland and rode straight North through Fort Collins until CR 19 ends at Owl Canyon Rd, you’d probably post a good result with 23 miles. There are lots of gravel options out East. For these QFCs you don’t have to be the fastest, or the fittest, just the craziest. 

Rules- I’m trying to keep this simple so please just ride within the spirit of the competition.

-Ride your bike in a straight line for as many consecutive miles as possible. 

-Slight bends in the road are ok but no hard turns.

-Strava link or other GPS map can be submitted here:

-The competition ends at noon on Monday, April 13th. The winner will be announced here, shortly thereafter. 

-No men’s or women’s categories. 

-You must be from NoCo or SoWyo. 

-In the event of a tie, whoever had the longest ride on that day will win.

-Prizes TBD- I’m looking for donations so hit me up if you have anything cool laying abooooot.