We’ve partnered with Topo Designs to provide you with a fun way to support NoCo Cyclist owned businesses and win cool prizes during the holiday/pandemic season. Each of the businesses listed in the database could really use your support right now. Whether you’re buying gift cards, going out to eat, getting new glasses, remodeling the den, buying a house or not spending any money at all, there’s a category or two for you. Shout out to Topo Designs (a NoCo Cyclist Owned Business) for providing legit prizes. This isn’t stuff from the LBS clearance table, here. 

Business Database

All businesses in the database are owned by cyclists or have gone out of their way to support the Northern Colorado cycling scene. Feel free to add any that are missing. 

Northern Colorado Cycling Business Database


Whoever spends money at the highest number of NoCo Cyclist Owned Businesses. (patronizes the most businesses) – Topo Designs Travel Bag

Whoever rides past the most NoCo Cyclist Owned Businesses during one Strava’d ride.-Topo Designs Mini Bike Bag (depending on availability)

Whoever spends the most money at NoCo Cyclist Owned Businesses between $1K-$20K spent. – Topo Designs Global Briefcase (great commuter bag)

Whoever spends the most money at NoCo Cyclist Owned Businesses over $20K. – Topo Designs 40L Mountain Duffel 

A random drawing for anyone who makes purchases up to $1000.00. Make and submit as many purchases (entries) just don’t spend over $1000.00. Prize TBD but it’ll be good. I swears. 


The competition runs from now until December 25th.

Results must be submitted by December 28th. 

Results submission link- https://forms.gle/Ex5SVC2F2Fse9qk69

Proof of purchases may be requested. 

All businesses must be listed on the Northern Colorado Cycling Business Database to qualify. If the business isn’t currently listed but should be, feel free to add it. 

Open to NoCo/SoWyo residents, ex-pats and COVID 19 refugees.

Join the YGR FTC Strava Club here: https://www.strava.com/clubs/ygrftc