Alright moms and dads, here are 15 signs that it’s probably ok for you to start racing with the Masters.  Stop denying it and embrace it. 

1) You raced with burp-up on your jersey or baselayer.

2) You plan your race schedule around the U5 soccer schedule. 

3) You’ve completed a training ride with a kid trailer attached to your race bike. 

4) You’ve made a family vacation out of a travel race weekend.

5) Your kid has had one of your energy bars for breakfast. 

6) You’ve picked a race solely on how well the kids will be entertained at the venue.

7) You’ve used your kid’s bottle scrubber for your bottle. 

8) You’ve ground your pre-race coffee beans in the laundry room as to not wake the baby. 

9) You’ve used diaper cream as chamois cream.

10) You’ve hired a babysitter so you could go for a training ride. 

11) You’ve told your riding buddies that you needed to go potty. 

12) You’ve considered organizing group rides for cyclists with trailers. 

13) You give your wife a high five as you tag in for parental duty and she tags out for her workout.

14) You’ve cleaned up after a race with baby wipes. 

15) When looking at results, you primarily compare yourself to other racers with kids.