Photo by Ryan Korzyniowski

We continue our 10 Tracks, NoCo Coaches Series this week with Ainslie MacEachran.  Ainslie has been part of the Northern Colorado Cycling scene for decades. Racing for CSU in the 1990s then coaching them in the 2000s. He has coached both the University of Colorado and Colorado State University Rams to Collegiate National Championship victories. He has also been the announcer for dozens of cycling events in the area. 


“My goal is to provide you all the tools necessary to achieve your goals as an athlete, whether it be comfortably completing a Gran Fondo, tour or competition at the highest level. My mission as a coach is to provide information that is easy to understand and assimilate in the world that YOU live in. Very few of us live in the vacuum of training. We have jobs and family commitments that mean we have to be effective and efficient with our training. Keeping your training concise and targeted will help you reduce the overall time required to get to your desired level of fitness.”

As a competitive cyclist for the last 27 years, Ainslie spent 4 years racing in Europe and 4 years as a Professional. He has ridden in 3 Corestates USPro Championships, 2 US Olympic Trials, the prestigious Amateur Het Volk Classic, and numerous Cat. 1 (Elite) National Championships. 

Favorite bike: Van Dessel Motivus Maximus
Favorite ride: Eden Valley/Masonville
Favorite workout For Myself: In this part of my athletic career I like
to do 90sec Z4/5 intervals with 2 full minutes of recovery. Then throw
in a 15 or 20min tempo at Z3 before I cool down. I find I make the most
rapid gains this way.
Favorite Workout To Assign: “The Hour Of Power” 1hr at threshold/Z4. If
a rider can do this workout they’ve graduated to a new level.