Ah the Woy Twins, many of you have known them since the old Rock and Road Cyclery days, before they could see over the counter of their dad’s shop. Now they’re dropping most of us on the road, the mountain and the cx track. This week we’ve got Aston, the more responsible one apparently, because he got my 10 Tracks request returned in a more timely, albeit still delayed, manner. Hopefully we’ll have Zack’s tracks next week.  Aston is one of the founding members of the Phoenix-Orbea U23 development team. 

Favorite bike: All of them. I ride my Orbea Orca the most though.

Favorite ride: Blue Sky/ Indian Summer loop, can’t go wrong with this one.

Employer/title/what ‘would you say you do here’…:  

  • *The Phoenix Cyclery- I do pretty much everything from mechanic work to sales, and even running the place when my dads not around.
  • *Panhandlers Pizza- Slinging deep dish pies.
  • *Also studying at Front Range Community College.

When do you listen to these? I listen to these while riding, warming up for races, rollin to races, and any other time they come up on my other playlists.