This week’s 10 Tracks DJ is the cagy and elusive ‘Beet Juice’. Mr. Juice is half of the Four Season of Horsetooth Mountain Bike Challenge brain trust, Jordan Radin being the other half.  Originally from B’ham, AL. the mtb and gravel rider has been in Fort Collins for nearly 20 years. What does he do for a living? He ain’t saying. I’m guessing he lives the glamorous life of a race promoter fatcat thanks to all those 4SOH entry fees.

When do you listen to these? All-day long except when I’m on the trail so I don’t provide inspiration for limericks like this one:
I am gentle and don’t like to shout
Maybe when I’m older and riddled with gout
But you seemed quite impervious
To my attempts at being courteous
For fucks sake, leave an earbud out.
Favorite Bike: Prolly my 2010 Niner Sir9 (aka Kermit).
Favorite Ride: The Four Seasons of Horsetooth Mountain Bike Challenge course.