Chance Brown is the man with the plan this week on YGR’s 10 Tracks. Chance is the Vice President at J-2 Contracting Co, the general contracting company behind Boulder’s Valmont Bike Park, the Fort Collins section of the Long View Trail and the soon to be started Lory MTB pump track and skills park rebuild. I knew this was going to be a good list when Chance came out of the gates with Fugazi’s Wating Room and a Durango built bass boat blue Schwinn Homegrown.

Favorite bike: That’s a toss-up between my Rocky Mountain Instinct BC Edition or my 1998 Schwinn Factory Homegrown that was born in the Yeti Factory in Durango. If you asked me which bike I will still own 20 years from now……Homegrown! Too many memories of exploring singletrack and racing that bike all over the west many, many years ago to ever get rid of it.

Favorite ride: The Whole Enchilada in Moab

When do you listen to these? Riding the trainer in the winter months.