Photo by Mike Breen.

Lets face it, 10 Tracks is just a ruse for me to source new music for my personal account and this week’s playlist from Chris Ellmer definitely mixes things up. I’ve long been a fan of all things Ellmer and his latest contribution to the FoCo cycling scene continues with that trend.  There’s even a must hear bonus track. 

Chris is a Lieutenant/Paramedic with the Greeley Fire Department and is the proprietor of the Stab City Bicycle Club, a mostly fictitious bike shop/bar operated out of his central Fort Collins garage. He’s also a coach and board member with the Ciclismo Youth Foundation.

It’s not a FoCo cycling event if at least one of the Ellmer clan isn’t in attendance.  At the very least, one of them needs to be observing cynically with beer in hand. 

Favorite bike? The one I’m on. Sometimes it’s new, sometimes old, always a hard tail.

Favorite ride? The one right before it snows. The ride that you sneak in just before dark. The one that makes you feel like a kid hittin the jumps by the creek.

When do I listen to these? I listen to music all the time, it’s super important to me. Although, I don’t while I’m riding, that experience is also important and I like my senses engaged.