Today we have the legendary Fort Collins native, Clint Knapp, as our DJ in the YGR ballroom. His 10 Tracks will be streaming as a continuous loop from the YGR Radio repeater station located atop the First National Tower in beautiful and historic Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Read on to learn more about Clint and check out his 10 Tracks below. 

Favorite bike? My Niner Rip9 RDO or my Air Nine RDO. Depends on what style of riding I’m in the mood for.

Favorite ride? Any ride that involves my TT group, TNR group, or the kids. Before the fire, it was American Lakes/Thunder Pass or pretty much anything above Timberline.

Preferred style of riding? I like it all including bike backing. Not much into the road anymore now that the gravel seen is here. Way more fun! My all-time favorite is all mountain/enduro with more of a Danny Mac and Hans Rey kiss to it. Just want to make the impossible sections possible. Snow biking looks like a lot of fun (if we get snow).

Hometown? Fort Collins, Colorado USA

Years in NoCo? 48 years. I lived in Durango, Telluride, Georgetown, and Winter Park but pretty Much Ft. Collins my whole life.

Employer/title/years there? Beken Construction, Foreman, 3 years

When do you listen to these? Pretty much anytime after about an hour after my morning coffee.