Our resident expert on drafting is this week’s 10 Tracks DJ. Collin Zimmerman comes to us from the great state of Tennessee and is an Engineer at CPP Wind Engineering in Windsor. When things get hard on local group rides, Collin usually has something to do with it. It’s even worse now that he has dad watts.  Get to know him better and check out his playlist below.

When do you listen to these?Any time, all the time, but especially when I’m stuck spending years of my life on the trainer. Entire genres of music I love that I’m skipping to get down to 10 songs, but here’s a variety pack 10 I’ve been loving for a while.
Favorite bike?
One fresh from a tune up at the shop, because it’s the farthest away from me breaking something on it again (usually).
Favorite ride?
Hard to beat a full swing Oval ride, but riding around with my kids is just as great. Maybe one day I can combine the two.
Preferred style of riding?
Road! but I love exploring in the hills and often end up on “roads” I have no business taking a road bike on.
Years in NoCo?
NOCO about 8 years, Windsor for 3ish.
Employer/title/years there?
Engineer at CPP wind. Been trying to get a bike back in the wind tunnel since I started there, no luck so far..
I’m a Tennessee boy at heart.
Team name if applicable.
Resident criterium objector on Primal-Audi Denver.
How do you take your coffee?
I take my coffee “yellow” in 20 fl.oz. bottles with a Sobe Citrus Energy wrapper on them.
Who influenced your taste in music?
Countless music influences over the years! One self-imposed challenge and way that I’ve enjoyed finding new music is creating a Spotify playlist and then adding a new song to it every day for a full year, no skips/repeats allowed, based on whatever song I’m feelin that day. First month is easy, but by the tenth month you’ll be deep in some rabbit holes.

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