We’ve got the other NCGR Jones brother spinning tracks as YGR DJ this week. You may recall we had his brother Clint Jones and his sister-in-law Tenae on previously. I’m sure you can guess who we’re shooting to have on next week…Colt was born and raised in Loveland and now lives in Fort Collins. He’s a Product Manager in the Digital Group at Nutrien Ag, been there 10 years.

Favorite Bike? Bike with air in the tires and ready to be pedaled. I am really fond of the SB100 I once owned.

Favorite Ride? Local – those stupid slingshot Strava segments.
Afar – Day 7 on BCBR in Squamish blew my mind.”

Preferred style of riding? Dirt or paved as long as it is riding with family and friends. In the last 10 years, 80% of my rides have been with my wife or brother. Those are the best rides.

When do you listen to these? Let me paint you a picture…. Saturday morning, coffee brewing, bacon sizzling, and sun on the rise, this dad is in the kitchen cooking up a mean breakfast for the fam with music on level 10. If dad wants to be on the bike for several hours, 3 things need to happen: the family needs to be fed, the wife needs to be happy, and the dad needs to get pumped up for the ride.