When I first started doing the Oval back in 2000 one of my favorite wheels to follow was Craig Workman as he provided a big steady draft and climbed surprisingly well considering his considerable mass.  I knew if I stuck with Craig I would have a good ride, relatively speaking of course. A few of the other wheels I kept an eye on were Paul Whyman, Jim Dickerson and Greg Scanlan although I’m sure the feeling was not mutual for various reasons. 20 years later Craig is still on the scene putting out huge watts. Like Dickerson, Craig recently retired and has been logging lots of miles and trying to catch lots of fish. His playlist is below.
When do you listen to these? Anytime

What’s your favorite bike? Anything that doesn’t have a flat tire in the garage…

What’s your favorite ride? Masonville – Stove Prairie – Poudre or any Groad ride with Sam