It’s always interesting to have actual musicians on 10 Tracks. This week Ardor Racing’s Dakota Trout joins us. Dakota was raised in Fort Morgan and has been in the Greeley/Fort Collins area for the past eight years. He’s been the Service Manager at Rocky Mountain Multisport for the past 3 years.

When do you listen to these? At all times. I am avid about always having music playing. Being a lifelong musician and guitar player, it’s a must for me. The moment I get in the shop to the moment I leave and all parts before and after there is something playing. I am lucky that I typically get home before Kelly and a few of our neighbors, so that my amps/guitars get quite loud with my own playing, much to the resentment of our cats.

Favorite bike?My 2020 KindHuman Kampionne that was custom painted for me and that I built up with all of my favorite Shimano, Ritchey, HED., Wheels MFG. and S-Works bits. It just fits me. I’ve had both the rim brake and now disc brake versions of it and it feels like home.

Favorite ride? Buckhorn to Rist is probably my favorite long local ride. My favorite day-to-day ride is the dams north to south. Out of town would be the Iron Horse in Durango.

Preferred riding style? Anything with drop bars. I primarily like riding road, but I really like doing anything that I can that I shouldn’t be doing with my cross bike. I love any bike that I can pedal and smile while doing it.